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It's the Catheters! And my Mom is here!! I am watching the *Catheters* — with my MOM. Hoo boy. And it's L O U D. Ear-shatteringly, devastatingly, loud.

{Mom} He sounds like a crow, stuck in an… I don't know. Where do crows get stuck?{/Mom} 

DID YOU SAY SOMETHING, MOM?? Cause I can't hear you because I'm at the CATHETERS show!! 

{Mom} Their name conjures up images that are certainly distasteful. And the loudness of their music is an unpleasant as the name implies.{/Mom}

But they sound so good! But that name, yea…

So there you have it. The Catheters: uncomfortably loud, fierce and frenzied, and your Mom will hate them. And I'm pretty sure that's by design…