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I know we're not the only ones who miss Liz terribly… so we thought we'd give you a little snippet of what's going on in her world overseas.

aye — i am writing from manchester. today has been kinda blah. who would have thought that the 2nd biggest city in the UK would be so BLOODY BORING!!! hence i am changing my travel itinerary and getting out of here tomorrow (rather than the day after – which was the original plan). where will i be going?

tonight is the last night of my 4 show UK stalking tour. CINERAMA. i am meeting a fellow i met at the liverpool cinerama show for dinner ahead of time. he is nice and knows a ton about music (he likes the lucksmiths and has heard of pretty girls make graves… and saw cinerama in seattle at the last show a year and a half ago). friends, friends, everywhere.

oh yea… so the bluetones. oh god. the time i had with them was well worth the price of this entire trip. i got a kiss on the cheek! who knows if the interview will come out or not. whatever.

i CANNOT WAIT to hear about all that is going on there!

i miss you!