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Could one have picked a better Seattle representative to start off this extremely anticipated night of categorically derivative but exceedingly praiseworthy threesome of bands?

I don't think so… Black Nite Crash warmed up the wah-wahs with their set of rich songs that traveled in waves and swirls throughout the room.

As we've reported in past BNC reviews, they sure know how to pick a cover song to charm a crowd. This time, I left with the realization that the only thing that separates them from their Manchester forefathers is that they sweat less.

Aww, those Black Nite Crash boys are too shadowy to sweat! As per usual, they shined in their darkness, delighting those of us who pang with nostalgia for the good ole Jesus and Mary Chain days, and astonishing those too young to remember them.

And speaking of bands you're nostalgic for, don't miss the Easy Street Records and Three Imaginary Girls co-sponsored Black Nite Bash at the Sunset Tavern (on Sunday night August 10th), a Joy Division Cover Night featuring Infomatix, In the Drink, the Jeunes, Suffering and the Hideous Thieves and, of course, Black Nite Crash. Rumor has it we'll be celebrating two BNC Leo birthdays. Rumor likewise has it we'll also be celebrating a TIG Leo birthday…