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We realize we are guilty again of live show review recidivism by reviewing Drew Victor and Passing Friends, since we did write about them just a few months back. But now Drew and the gang have released a new CD, Now That I'm Through the Tunnel, and we couldn't miss their CD release. So here I are again, ready to gush about the ever charming (and talented) Drew.

But first, while we are the subject of recidivism ("repeat o-ffender")… as we entered the I-Spy, we realized the opening band was Saeta — a band we just reviewed. Can you say, small world? We thought that you could. And the last time we saw them, it was their CD release. Coincidence abounding!

This was especially worth mention because Saeta sounded far more at ease with their music at this performance… making the tunes sound more graciously gentle and less strained than we had previously noted. Oh! And they are now hot contenders in the TIG end of year "best cover" list we plan to create, because Lesli Wood sang an AWESOME cover of The Magnetic Fields's "Grand Canyon." Sublime!

But back to Drew. He has a lot of Passing Friends: Tomo Nakayama (Asahi) on guitar and keyboards, Joel Harmon on drums, Greg Reed on bass, and Bennett Slothower on saxophone.

Bennet plays sax for Drew Victor and His Passing Friends. Photo by igDana.The saxaphone playing was remarkable, and contributed greatly to DVAPF's unique sound; the wafts of jazz influence flavoring both the gentler ballads and the emotive rockers, an auditory delight.

And check out how hot Bennett looks while playing…

Drew's voice rang unique and distinguished. It will elicit a strong response; you're either going to love it, be moved by it, be annoyed by it, be stimulated by it, weep to it, or cringe at its brutal pained honesty. But you won't be bored, that's for sure. I dug it.

Yeah, the show felt immediate and inviting. Most of the audience sat on the floor during the performance, creating a cozy and nuturing atmosphere for an initial presentation of the songs. Drew and the gang flourished. The audience cheered. And that was that.