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sydneyAs Liz pointed out, it's gift time.

Hanukkah is nearly over (sigh) and Christmas is just barking around the corner. If you still need to do your gift shopping (naturally, FAB wouldn’t know anything about this), you should check out Cakehouse Design. Cakehouse Design is recycled vintage thrift store textiles given new life as hand-printed napkins, coasters, placemats, etc. You can read about the how, the why, and the process here.

Each item is handmade with love from recycled materials and is totally unique.

Also, some of the items feature FAB’s very own Odysseus kitty*.

Many of the items are available for sale on Etsy, the online source for all things handmade.

To make specific inquiries about stuff you don't see offered there, email

* FAB in no way profits from any of the sales, other than furthering Ody’s total world domination.