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Friedman's Aluminum Foil

I'm not sure if you know this, but chrome has been my favorite color for sometime. My love of things silver/gray and reflective makes it even harder not to trek to NYC sometime this summer to see Tom Friedman's "Alumnimum Foil" artshow on Park Ave in New York City. He's taken those tinfoil duck sculptures full of table scraps you get from fancy restaurants up a notch:

Friedman has produced a scattered installation of sculptures, all crafted primarily of the titular substance. The centerpiece is Aluminum Foil Thing, a vortex of hundreds of foil objects suspended together. Here, one finds everything from a silver aluminum pie and tiny silver animals to giant silver letters and numbers, giant silver nuts and bolts, and silver spirals and tetrahedrons. At the ceiling, a pair of booted foil legs protrudes, as if a figure were being sucked upwards through it. The only splashes of color are two little cars on a silver racetrack at the base — they’re cut from Reynolds Wrap boxes.

The show is at the Lever House Lobby Gallery and it will be on display through September 16, so if any imaginaries stop by there, send me a pic or two!

Glory be for shiny happy things.