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Even though there is so much goodness oozing from the Los Campesinos! blog on a nearly daily basis, I've tried to show some restraint so that I don't wear you out with my  regurgitation of witty campesino-isms as posted on their blog since I discovered it months and months ago.

Sure, I could have blogged my tracking notes of their whereabouts when they were in the Seattle-area recording their next record a month or so ago. Or recap all the progress they are making in the studio (Long Winter Eric Corson is even going to be on the next record!) — but I haven't because I knew that one day there would be a post like the one they posted today: One that is so incredibly funny and crazy that it would be *the* post upon which I pile all my giddy goof-ball Los Campesinos! kudos and admissions in an effort to hopefully persuade you to RSS the shista out of the LC blog.

Want to start of slow? I highly recommend you watch their recap of their Coachella fun (listen for the Conor Oberst name drop).

Or, if you're feeling bullish, head right to the good stuff… today's full on HOT NAKED TEEN ACTION BOY ON BOY post… which might be my favorite thing ever. You could read the full story on their site… or you could just watch the video they posted of HOT NAKED TEEN ACTION BOY ON BOY.  Have it your way.