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Google Analytics is the most addictively fun web tool for your left-brain. If you have a website, I'd highly advise signing up (especially since it's free). You can find out all kindsa crazy things about what people are reading on your website… and even more interestingly, how people are coming to your website.

I just peaked at what keywords people were searching upon when they came to Three Imaginary Girls. The result? Some expected terms, like many version of "three imaginary girls," plus some popular bands we've championed like "grand archives" and "cave singers" and "fleet foxes" making the top 20.

But there are surprise keyword searches as well. Here are a few of the ones that made me go "hmmm."

#13: Stalking Imperial Teen
Um, exactly how many people are stalking the happiest power-pop band in the world this month? That's kinda alarming. Perhaps we should warn them? I just googled that search term and five pages in, didn't find a link to TIG. Weirdness.

#16: tullycraft 1993
We totally understand why a search on Tullycraft would find us, as we've written our fair share about the band… but what's the big deal about 1993 that's made so many peeps search on that, specifically, this month?

#18: sera(tone)in
I know we think our imaginary calendar editor is the bees knees, but we had no idea he was searched so frequently on the web. Again, should we warn him?

#34: three imaginary girls knocked up
Really? Has word about the pregnancy of one imaginary girl traveled so far that people are now searching special to learn more? Or are people that curious about what we, specifically, thought of the Judd Apatow film of the same name? Or do they just want to hear about how much we hate that Kings of Leon song?

#48 hermione boobs
Could we be prouder to be the #2 match on Google for this search? Answer: no.

In case you're as curious (read as: as big a geek as I am), here are the top 50 search terms for Three Imaginary Girls over the past month:

  1. three imaginary girls
  2. nikki monninger
  3. girls
  4. live show
  5. grand archives
  6. amy winehouse overdose
  7. khaela maricich
  8. danbert nobacon review
  9. 3 imaginary girls
  10. cave singers
  11. fleet foxes
  12. northern portrait
  13. stalking imperial teen
  14. the lashes.
  15. emma pollack
  16. tullycraft 1993
  17. (content targeting)
  18. sera(tone)in
  19. the cave singers
  20. sean nelson
  21. stuporhero review
  22. "allalom music"
  23. threeimaginarygirls
  24. "born anchors"
  25. stencil high dive
  26. lily allen + three imaginary girls
  27. minus the bear mtv
  28. natalie portman's shaved head
  29. thunderant
  30. silversun pickups
  31. three imaginary girls indie anthems nme
  32. "bumbershoot 2002"
  33. kings of leon setlist
  34. three imaginary girls knocked up
  35. sleater-kinney capitol hill block party
  36. elimidate
  37. mono in vcf
  38. stephin merritt volvo
  40. menomena bumbershoot.
  41. "tea cozies" sunset
  42. amusement parks on fire 2007
  43. the blakes lyrics
  44. the horrors
  45. the satin peaches
  46. patrick wolf
  47. we all have hooks for hands
  48. hermione boobs
  49. arty boys
  50. easy street iron wine

How about you? Did a keyword search bring you here? If so, let us know which one!