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Ah, the summer of my ninth year, when my teenaged brother had that iconic Nirvana poster on his wall alongside the Soundgarden one, while Pearl Jam was creating music videos about kids shooting kids in school which was deemed too much to show on MTV. (Okay, maybe it all wasn't in that one summer, but it feels like it.)

Fast forward 13 years later; some of those Seattle musicians are dead, others created terrible new bands for awhle, and then… I see this posting while perusing venue listings:

Saturday, April 26, 2008


Sat., April 26

King Cobra
916 E Pike
Seattle (Capitol Hill)


Apparently, Candlebox is still trucking away despite being reduced from arena shows to headlining at dance clubs turned rock clubs on Capitol Hill. At least Pearl Jam could sell out the Gorge Amphitheater within minutes a few years back.

Not that I'm really expecting anyone to care about a washed up ol' grunge band. But seriously, is there ever a point when a band realizes they should just throw in the towel? Is anyone ACTUALLY going to this show?

In case you need your memory jogged…