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Idiot Pilot is about to become a household name. Soon all the cool kids are going to start asking you if you've heard of them, and if you haven't, you might never have sex again. So, in the interest of saving you from the path of unequivocal loneliness and shame, I have prepared the following list of useful factoids surrounding the band's major label debut, </Strange We Should Meet Here>:

  • Daniel Anderson, age 18, plays all the instruments (including but not limited to bass, guitar, keyboards, and programming); Michael Harris, age 18, sings (and boy, does he ever sing).
  • Idiot Pilot hails from Bellingham, Washington, which is just the kick in the balls that Bellingham's reputation needed.
  • When attempting to classify (as petty humans are apt to do), many people will try to say that Idiot Pilot is electronica. In actuality, they are rock, encapsulating psychedelia, punk/hardcore, maybe even a little prog, as well as the unclassifiable Indie elements that landed </Strange We Should Meet Here> a review on this here indie site.
  • When attempting to classify (as petty humans are apt to do), many people will try to say that Idiot Pilot is rock. In actuality, they are electronica, encapsulating industrial, electroclash, maybe even a little trip-hop, as well as the unclassifiable Techno elements that identify Idiot Pilot as separate from the pack.
  • Unlike the normal case with teenage sensations wherein people make constant reference to the age of the musicians solely to excuse the immaturity of the music, it is important to note that the only reason to focus on the ages of Daniel and Michael is that, if they are this good now, they obviously have a long and glorious career ahead of them.
  • When they say that Michael "sounds like Thom Yorke," tell them that the only reason they think so is because he is a Crooner with something on his mind in an age where the singer is typically the band member who is least flat and can think of the most words that rhyme.
  • The screaming isn't going anywhere, so you should just get used to it. It will grow on you, I promise.
  • Album highlights include: every friggin' song.
  • According to legend, in the perpetual fight for control of the universe, the Forces of Good engineered Idiot Pilot as the perfect weapon to defeat Evil-controlled Muse.
  • Specifically, your favorite song is "Arrhythmia," which, ironically enough, is actually quite rhythmic.
  • The live show is actually better than the album. No, really. They're that good.

This list is in no way intended to be comprehensive as the virtues of Idiot Pilot are boundless, but if you memorize the above facts, you should be able to fake your way through the inevitable dinnertime conversations with the family. It's probably best, however, for you to just accept Idiot Pilot into your heart, as True Faith is instantly recognizable.