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First of all, let allow me a self-indulgent moment to gush….


{Thanks for humoring me.}

Not only are the Magnetic Fields one of my most favorite-ist bands of all time, but this is also the first show I'm going to since my wee girl was born nearly two months ago. Needless to say, I am EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But even I weren't going to tonight's {totally sold out} Magnetic Fields show, I would be tempted to make this my first venture out since mamahood, as there are loads of exciting events around town. Here are some of my top picks for…

What I would be doing tonight if I weren't going to see the Magnetic Fields:

  1. Stay at home and cry a tear in my beer, cause I wasn't going to the Magnetic Fields show.
  2. Go to see the new film Girls Rock at SIFF Cinema in McCaw Hall! As the mama of a new daughter, I am SUPER psyched to see this one, and am sad to miss the debut… but am gonna get down there before its run ends on March 20. Check out this amazing trailer..

  3. Go to the John in the Morning at Night benefit at Neumo's, featuring the Duke Spirit, Tulsa, and the Voom Blooms. It's always fun to see three great up-and-coming bands and support the greatest radio station in the world.
  4. Harvey Danger at the Triple Door. The chance to see Sean Nelson amid fancy food and cocktail at the swankiest venue in town? Priceless. Actually, it's kinda expensive… but worth every dime.
  5. Check out the Transmissionary Six CD release show at the Sunset. The local band never fails to please with their flavor of quietly understanded slowcore, and their latest release on Tarnished Records, Cosmonautical, is no exception.

There are plenty of other good options: M. Bison at Chop Suey. Stella By Starlight at the Easy Street Records West Seattle. A Fine Frenzy and Ben's Brother at the High Dive.

You've gotta get out to see SOMETHING tonight. If I can do it these days, you can too.