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Katy Perry's publicists have done a fine job filling my inbox as of late, promoting her song "I Kissed a Girl," the first single off her debut record, One of the Boys, which releases June 17th. Everytime I see the subject line "I Kissed a Girl," however, I'm transported back to 1995, when Jill Sobule had a pretty big hit single with a song with the same titillating title.

I loved the Jill Sobule song back in the day, so I went back and watched it just now. And you know what? I still love it.

The Katy Perry song? You watch the video below first and then we can talk about it:

Done? OK, in that case… I don't like this song. I love the sense of innocence and discovery and surprising sensuality in the Sobule version. The song sounds as charming as that kiss must have really been. It's pure and honest and yet naughty in just the right ways.

Perry's version sounds like a gratuitous makeout session done after too many Goldschlager shots for the benefit of the equally as drunken fratboys on the next barstool over. And that, at least to me, is not sexy.

What do you think? Who is better at kissing a girl: Jill Sobule or Katy Perry?