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I'm not going to lie to you. Thanksgiving is coming, and I'm nervous. We're headed to Atlanta to partake in "celebrations" with my fams from Thursday to Monday.

There are tons of Thanksgiving-gone-wrong scenarios that have been running through my head since I purchased the plane tickets a month ago… so I've been on the hunt for funny visuals, uplifting songs, and random cheer-up messages to stock myself with for when things start to tank over stuffing.

This morning I found this clip from a 2006 episode of MadTV. It's a little out of date, and a little annoying… but lines like "Don't forget the pumpkin nuggets," "I'm a funion princess" and (especially) "Yo, what's up… THE BIRD!" are going to really help slap on a smile when facing holiday adversity.

I'm really hoping we can just talk about the Van Halen reunion. That's a neutral and safe topic, right?