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the Nightgowns

The Imaginary Winter Holiday Spectacular {December 23, 2009 at Chop Suey} is less than a week a way! As we countdown to the big holiday party, let’s replay our recent chat with one of the bands on the bill: the Nightgowns. We never know what’s going to happen when the Nightgowns fellas are in the house, but it always ends fabulously. And for the record, we don’t know what’s going to happen when they play this year’s Imaginary Winter Holiday Spectacular {December 23, 2009 at Chop Suey}, but we suspect it might involved swirly guitars, keyboard twirls and some mistletoe.

We chatted up Cody Nightgown recently and found out what happened the night they opened for Grand Duchy, their “lucky” charm, a loveletter from them to Wallpaper {also playing the IWH Spectacular} and what they want to find under the tree.



TIG: Is it true that you brought “Oh Tina” (from your days as The Elephants) with you into the Nightgowns fold?

the Nightgowns: Yeah it’s pretty true to the original but there’s real drums now.

TIG: Earlier this year, the Nightgowns opened up for Grand Duchy! How did that come about?

the Nightgowns: The show was great! Me and Trevor are pretty big Pixies/Frank Black fans. It’s pretty cool of course to open for one of your childhood heroes. Trev met him and his wife Violet backstage and gave them a cd then we got 86’d from the club due to disorderly conduct (unrelated incident). But the next day they rescinded our 86’d status cause it’s Tacoma and we’re us (just kidding) (kinda) (actually not) (pfft! get outta here you!).

TIG: Are there any pre-show rituals or superstitions that you have in place to make sure you have stellar show?

the Nightgowns: Kind of – we used to have a small plastic purple cat that we would bring to every show and put on the guitar amp facing the audience. We never forgot to bring it. One show went really bad though, but not because we forgot to bring it. It was there.. and basically it let us down, or it’s luck must have run out or something. We blamed everything on the cat and didn’t bring it to any more shows.

TIG: If the Nightgowns were a sports team, what sport would you play?

the Nightgowns: A mixture of Tae Bo and Tonsil Hockey.

TIG: I’ve described your songs to my friends as futuristic, slightly hallucinogenic, love stories. What’s been your favorite description of your Nightgowns sound?

the Nightgowns: Ha- don’t know about favorite but The Portland Mercury recently said we play “dimly glowing romantic jams.” Ha.

TIG: What or who influences the band and your music?

the Nightgowns: Everything from the scent of a woman to the scent of green papaya.

TIG: What’s next for the Nightgowns? Are you working on songs to release in 2010? Do you have tour plans?

the Nightgowns: Yes we are recording new songs. We have some almost done and we’ll probably just put them out as singles or something so they’ll be out sooner!

TIG: If you could choose someone to cover one of your songs, who would it be and what song?

the Nightgowns: We don’t care as long as we get paid – know what I’m sayin?

TIG: If you were to cover one holiday song, what would it be?

the Nightgowns: “Santa Claus is Back in Town” (the first song on the Elvis Christmas Album)- that’s my cut!

TIG: What’s on your holiday wishlist this year?

the Nightgowns: Typical band nerd gear geek stuff: Toys that make noise, recording stuff… oh and jewels. Sparkling jewels. I want to cover my body in luxurious sparkling shining emeralds and rubies. And to travel the world… in luxury.. with jewels.

TIG: What albums or bands are on your favorites of 2009 list?

the Nightgowns: 2009? Yeah I pretty much know diddly about it. Ha- .. umm.. .. basically I only have a few records from 2009… I liked Begone Dull Care by Junior Boys. Royksopp record was cool. I like a couple of songs on the Bat for Lashes record.. and I like that norwegian girl.. Ave Maria or whatever.. err what else came out in 2009? Can I tell you the albums i heard that I hated?

TIG: If you could ask one of the other bands on the bill an interview question, what would it be and to whom?

the Nightgowns:

Dear Wallpaper,

Was everything you ever told us a lie? Did you ever actually care about us, or do you only care about yourselves?