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So much internet love this week! Here are the things that thrilled us so much we had to share.

There's not much we can add to the video above, except that the people at Archie McPhee clearly RULE. 

Ever wondered where the best of the worst roadside dinosaurs are? Now you know.

Rough breakup? Sell your ex's gifts on Never Liked it Anyway, or tell a story about items they left behind on I Still Have Your Stuff. 

Den of Geek put together a pretty good list of Top 25 Cult Film Actors – but Amie is upset that they forgot Jeffery Combs. I mean, SERIOUSLY

Cards Against Humanity: Our new favorite game (that you can download for free!)

The best cover of Depeche Mode's "Strangelove" on the entire internet. 

Low-Commitment Projects: Crafting for lazy people. 

{probably NSFW} Someone who calls themselves Dianne Amazeballs (rightfully so!) started a collection of Ridiculous Pregnancy Pictures on Pinterest, and we can't. stop. looking. at. them. 

What you'd see that's worthy of an Imaginary Shout-out?