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Vote Roderick: John Roderick for Seattle City Council {Position 8}

By now everyone should have received her/his primary election ballot in the mail. It’s of the utmost importance that you vote! Mailed ballots must be postmarked by August 4 or you can drop off your completed ballot at a ballot drop box or scheduled van drop.

Below is imaginary liz’s opinion on the primary race for Seattle City Council Position 8.

John Roderick has been a diehard friend of Three Imaginary Girls since the beginning. The idea of TIG was even born at a Long Winters show back in 2002.

Since that night we’ve covered countless bits of John Roderick news (at last count in 2012 there were 710 mentions of the Long Winters on the site – I still think that’s a lowball number) and John has been kind enough to be our Indie Rock Santa at nearly every one of our holiday parties.

I am sharing all this with you because John Roderick is running for the city-wide seat on Seattle’s City Council (Position 8). It’s a position that all of Seattle votes for (not just a specific district).

Of all the candidates running for this office, I believe John is the candiate that will fight the hardest for a better Seattle.

He’s such a determined and tenacious force, I’m convinced he’d actually fight even harder for Seattle’s future than I ever could. John has done his research, with a strong knowledge of Seattle’s history and the many dimensions of its residents. This keen understanding is what it takes to move Seattle forward and enhance the lives of those that live here.

This is an important time in Seattle. There are so many decisions that need to be made and solutions that need to be discovered. Seattle is at a turning point in the direction we’re headed.

No matter what issues are most important to you, those are items for which action will (or should) be taken in the next City Council term: transportation, environment, housing, livability, public safety, the arts, unemployment, corporate growth, high-speed internet for all, police reform, the welfare of our kids, elders, and those in need.

John is intellectual and discerning while at the same time innovative and compassionate for the less fortunate. He’s not intimidated to have tough conversations or make tough decisions.

John will be out and about town in the coming weeks so there are plenty of chances to find out more about John’s campaign (and ask John some tough questions).

The most notable and biggest event of the campaign will be:

John Roderick Pre-Primary Stampathon Show
Thursday, July 23 at The Triple Door

7pm door / All-ages

The evening will feature music from:
• The Long Winters feat. John Roderick and friends
• Stereo Embers
• Matt Bishop (Hey Marseilles)
• Eric Anderson (Cataldo)
• Special guests?

Connect with John at one of the below informal meet-and-greets with voters. At each of these short FREE get togethers, there will be special musical guests also taking the stage. Get more info and RSVP via each link below:

Monday – 7/20 at the Sunset Tavern (Ballard) 5-6:30pm

Tuesday – 7/21 at the Hard Rock Cafe (Downtown) 5-6:30pm

Monday – 7/27 at Porchlight Coffee and Records (Cap Hill) 10:00am

Monday – 7/27 at Skylark Cafe and Club (West Seattle) 5-6:30pm

Tuesday – 7/28 at the Columbia City Theatre (Columbia City) 6-7:30pm

Wednesday – 7/29 at Capitol Cider (Cap Hill) 5-6:30pm –
This event at Capitol Cider is presented by Three Imaginary Girls!
Imaginary Dana will be at the event and introduce/perhaps speak at length about John for City Council.

VoteRoderick Stamps

There are a lot of more politically savvy articles and articulately stated endorsements for John Roderick and about his candidacy out there. Here’s a very small sampling of them:

The Stranger
Think Progress
Seattle Times
JessFish (if you’ve gotten this far in this op-ed, I think you’ll enjoy this link the most)

Read more of John’s positions on issues as published on his website:
public safety
broadband / city-wide high-speed internet
police reform
arctic drilling

And here’s an article he wrote, published on Geekwire:
Commentary: Seattle needs new political leaders who get tech, but aren’t running Windows Vista

John Roderick’s campaign for City Council is endorsed by:
• Sierra Club
• King County Democrats
• American Federation of Teachers Local 1789
• King Country Young Democrats
• 32nd District Democrats
• Former Mayor Mike McGinn
• Green Party of Seattle

Want to learn more? Dig into all things VoteRoderick by digging into the #VoteRoderick hashtag and twitter feed and facebook page.