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I’m a wishlist keeper. I have one on Etsy and one on Amazon and I’m forever updating them. You never know when someone is gonna ask you what you want for Christmas… and by golly I’m gonna be ready! If you were so inclined to sleaze your way into my good graces, these items would all but secure your place in my heart. Here are a few items I’ve been salivating over:

  • Pirate Ship silkscreened & embroidered wall art – Ummm… how can you not love this ridiculous piece of art? Silkscreened in neon and embroidered to hell and back, this would hang proudly and prominently on my wall.
  • Guided By Voices box set – Some people proclaim to love them and some loathe their lo-fi nonsensical sound. I think they’re FABULOUS and would adore a box set filled with Bob Pollard’s neverendingly whimsical lyrics and off-kilter voice.
  • “Handmade Nation” DVD – Faythe Levine traveled all across the country to talk to crafters and document the new wave of crafting and DIY. As a crafter and design nerd myself, this is aligned with my true self. Everyone should make things with their hands!
  • Brother 60-Stitch Computerized Free-Arm Sewing Machine – I currently sew on a clunky beige sewing machine circa 1960. It’s fabulous except I can’t figure out how to get the buttonhole option to work, the thread constantly gets tangled up inside the machine and it weighs about 40 lbs. Man, oh man, this new machine would be sweet.
  • Carved Amber Flower Plugs 1/2″ – I have 1/2 gauged holes in my ears instead of regular stud piercings and these amber flowers would be STUNNING with the light shining through. Beautiful! Organic and handmade to boot!

Side note: I did a Wish List Explosion Etsy-Style over at my personal design blog if you really need more ideas for me. What? You aren’t getting me a gift this year?!?!? Pshaw!