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When I was at karaoke the other night (ahh, how many stories have I started with those very words??), I had the opportunity to hear and see the lyrics to Foreigner's early 80's classic, "Hot Blooded." It opens a little something like this:

"You don't have to read my mind.
To know what I have in mind.
Honey, you outta know."

Let's deconstruct that sophisticated rhyme for a moment…

"You don't have to read my MIND.
To know what I have in MIND."

Dude, I've seen some lazy lyric writing, but is it really okay to rhyme MIND with MIND??!? Answer: NO! 

For this reason, I nominate Foreigner's "Hot Blooded" in the First-Ever Imaginary Worst/Laziest/Suckiest Lyrics Contest.

Of course, to be a contest, we need some competition. So you know what to do. Let's get this party started by nominating other songs.

Enter some of the suckiest lyrics you know below, and name the artist as well. We want to make sure we give credit where it's due.