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Apparently we're all doomed.

Fed up with the fact that people over the age of 12 don't buy enough stuff, namely bad albums by worse bands/singers, the music industry has set its lustful eyes on the tweens, namely kids between the age of 6 and 12. Disney has made a killing with acts like Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana, whose latest disc entered at #1 on Billboard, making Miley the youngest person to have a #1 album at the ripe old age of … 14.

The ever-creative record companies have decided they need to get into this lucrative market, singing every singer/performer under the age of 16 — especially the female singers and duo types — so they can market to the "tweens." Apparently, they like to play off the "nag" factor to get parents to buy these albums for their kids, which mostly makes me think, "PARENTS, GROW A SPINE."

So, in the near future, expect a glut of TV shows/songs/anything marketable that appeals to kids still too young to be in junior high — and even mainstream radio will be getting into the act. Ah, who'd of though we could be longing for the glory days of NKOTB?