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John Waters, the acclaimed film director the likes of “Hairspray” and “Serial Mom”, has been spreading his infinite love of Christmas for going on fifteen years now. I’ve always wanted to go to his celebrations, but they were too close to the holidays for me to partake (I end up going home a tad early to relax and forget about work for a bit… a simple luxury). This year, Waters has decided to grace our fair city with his one man show a little earlier; December 2nd at the Neptune Theater to be exact.

Like me, you may be wondering what exactly John will fill the 2+ hours with all by himself on stage. Well… we do know he can simply stand on stage and talk the night away, but what’s so special about this? First, he LOVES Christmas, like really really loves Christmas. He decorates to the nines (of course in a super cheeky and slightly naughty way), gets really into holiday traditions, and makes his own Christmas cards to list just a few things. While he does chat about these topics, he will also tell stories, make fun of… well everything, and basically just be himself: a dramatically charismatic man. I imagine going to this show, for many people, is just as much a part of the holidays as going to the Nutcracker ballet or watching The Muppet Christmas Carol (and just as beloved); so why not make it one of your traditions too! It isn’t exactly a family-fun time unless you’re cool with adult content for the kiddos, but get a sitter and have a night on the town and get your socks knocked off. I for one cannot wait to see him.

A John Waters Christmas
Sunday Dec. 2nd @ Neptune Theater
Doors: 7pm // Show: 8pm
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