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More excellent music, from one of the most brilliant sources of creative output I've seen since arriving in Seattle — and it's free. Really free. Born free. Free ninety-nine. Read on:

SEATTLE – Jose Bold, better known as John Osebold of the art-pop septet "Awesome", has posted his latest solo effort, December City, online for free download. It is the fifth set of lo-fi, acoustic/electric gems from the prolific local musician in as many years and the second to be made available online. The full album can be downloaded at

December City was "dreamt and built" by Osebold over the course of 2008 in his home studio. In addition to playing nearly every instrument on the album, Osebold also enlisted the talents of Brendan Hogan (Miss Mamie Lavona and Her White-boy Band) on trumpet as well as Rob Witmer and Kirk Anderson of "Awesome" providing woodwind and vocal support, respectively. Previous solo releases by Osebold, nicknamed "the December albums" because of their annual holiday release schedule, include contributions from local notables such as Mark Siano (Soft Rock Spectacular), Sean Nelson (Harvey Danger, The Long Winters), Erin Jorgensen (The French Project) and Sari Breznau (Circus Contraption).

According to Osebold, the idea for the December albums began in 2004 "on a whim, like many good things. Every year, I'd put together a collection of home-recorded songs and give them to my friends." The overwhelming response from friends and fans prompted Osebold to make this year's album more widely available: it's now free to anyone with a broadband connection. "It's a present for those who stumble upon it," says Osebold.

About Jose Bold

Jose Bold has been performing around Seattle since 2003, appearing live with Osebold on guitar and Kirk Anderson on drums. Several of Osebold's songs appear on the soundtrack of the upcoming web series What the Funny and he is currently in the midst of composing (with "Awesome") the score of David Russo's feature film The Immaculate Conception of Little Dizzle, which will premiere at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival. Previous December albums include December Bender, December Surprise, Short Stories of December and Fly the December Skies!

It's true: not only can you get this year's album for free, but last year's as well. Both of them are nothing short of fantastic.

After you're done sparkling up your iTunes with all that bliss, be sure to get your friends together this Saturday — you can catch Jose Bold doing the album's official release show at the Jewel Box Theater at the Rendezvous, for five dollars.

Yes, I said five. Five ____ing dollars. Five. It would seriously be a steal of a set at twice that, at least. Plus, you'll be able to get the album there in cd version for (get this) a suggested donation.

Stay warm until then, and I'll see you at the show!