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We have an imaginary secret for you. Lean in close…. cross your heart you won't tell…? Okay then, here it goes: We're going to win.

Forget the skewed presidential polls predicting a race that's too close to call: We're going to win. We're going to win big. And we're going to win because of us.

We're going to win because no one is anticipating the imaginary vote. The polls haven't counted the overwhelming Kerry support from us: the young, the musicians, the independents, the rebels, the artists, the punks, the previously disinterested and disenfranchised. But we're here. We plan to vote for change, and we have our ballots aimed at a monumental upset: to pull off the Dewey Defeats Truman of our generation with a landslide victory for President John F. Kerry on November 2nd.

That's the big secret. We're deciding this election. We're the November Surprise. It's up to us.

  • It's up to us to elect a president who will protect our personal freedoms — the right to free speech, assembly, privacy, liberty, reproductive choice and safe and affordbable health care — for all people, regardless of race, religion, or sexual orientation.
  • It's up to us to elect a president who will break up major media conglomerates, to fight for an informed, free press that will challenge our government instead of pandering to political partisanship.
  • It's up to us to elect a president who will inspire our country with courage, not fear; who will face our enemies with strength, not brute force; and who will rally our allies with leadership, not coercion.

Isn't it invigorating to know we're a vital part of the decision-making in our country? Because we are. And now you know what you need to do.

Vote on November 2nd. Visualize President Kerry! Vote! Vote! Vote! Vote! Vote!

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