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KEXP in BallardWhen you have a four-month old baby (as I do), getting out to see the live rock can be more than a bit tricky. You can imagine my delight when the rock comes to me… as it is, tomorrow.

For this Friday May 9th is KEXP in Ballard day! Because Ballard was the neighborhood that donated the most during the last pledge drive, we get all three daytime DJs (John Richards, Cheryl Waters, and Kevin Cole) broadcasting live in Ballard all day (John at Cafe Verite, and Cheryl and Kevin at Sonic Boom Records). Not only that, but KEXP will also be hosting many live broadcasts during the day. I'm particularly excited for Arthur & Yu (9a at Verite) and Throw Me the Statue (11a at Sonic Boom), and there are scads of other daytime shows too (Man Plus, Velella Velella, Cloud Cult, and more).

Plus the fun continues into the evening, with DJs at nearly every available space in Ballard and more live show goodness, with the Fucking Eagles, BOAT, Whalebones, the Maldives, and loads more.

Yay for KEXP! Yay for Ballard! Check out the specific times and locations below:

Stop by and if you see the pigtailed one carrying a wee girl, say hello. It's probably me.