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You know, sometimes its fun to be up at 3:00 AM, just like sometimes its fun to listen to Tom Jones cover Prince. Unfortunately, for me, this is not one of those times on either count.

I'm not sure what possessed Art of Noise to think that covering Prince's "Kiss" was a good idea and, more to the point, that Tom Jones was the man for the job, but really, it can be seen as a clear stroke of genius and/or madness. Right now, it feels a bit like madness – you know, sort of soft and round, but with spikes embedded in its core so if you really wanted to snuggle up it would likely pierce your skin and deliver large amounts of some nasty neurotoxin directly into your bloodstream. That's what Tom Jones feels like to me right now, deep in the night, trapped amongst machines and cables and wires and instruments of doom.

Thankfully, tomorrow sometimes I will get to sleep again and hope that Tom Jones doesn't visit me in my sleep to kill me with his kindness (or at least the army of willing animals he is surrounded and protected by) but at the very least, maybe he can make me something nice and Welsh.