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As you may have read here on TIG, I am all knocked up, expecting a baby girl in early January. We've been trying to think of the perfect baby name for the wee one… and while it's not a requirement per se, it would be great to give our girl a name that already has an amazing namesake song. I mean, I blush to the core with giddiness every time I hear "O Dana" (either version, but particularly the Okkervil River remake. Swoon!).

I've gone through a pretty extensive list of what I've dubbed "Songs About Imaginary Girls" to try to find the perfect name for our little girl.

{Note: In order to be considered, not only does the name need to be good, but the song must also kick ass. Great songs about icky names have been ruled out, as well as bleh songs about great names.}

Top 10 Songs We're Considering Naming Our Bebe Girl After:

  1. "Veronica" by Elvis Costello
    Though "Allison" is the more obvious choice, I've always had a soft spot for the rollicking chorus in "Veronica." Plus I love the name… though I'm not crazy about "Roni" as a nickname.

  2. "Charlotte Sometimes" by the Cure
    "Come to me / Scared princess /Charlotte sometimes" — too heavy a legacy to give to such a wee girl??

  3. "Sweet Adeline" by Elliot Smith
    Great song, great name. *Sigh*

  4. "Sally Cinnamon" by the Stone Roses
    Will kids beat her up on the playground for that one?

  5. "Sheila Take a Bow" by the Smiths or "Sheila Na Gig" by PJ Harvey
    Though I think I'd rather name her Polly than Sheila.

  6. "Emily Kane" by Art Brut
    Too bad Emily is the most popular name in like, 16 countries right now, or we might go for it based on my love for this song alone.

  7. "Rosanna" by Toto
    You knew I couldn't make a list like this without bringing in the Soft Rock, right?

  8. "Josie" by Tullycraft
    "Josie wants to be in a punk rock band!" What a great legacy to give our girlie!

  9. "My Coco" by stellastarr*
    Their first and, in my humble opinion, greatest song.

  10. "Lucretia My Reflection" by Sisters of Mercy
    My fella nixed the idea of naming our daughter after a song that features such prominent use of the late-80s drum-machine. But I'm still hopeful.

Runners up, in alphabetical order by name:

  • "Abigail" by the Magnetic Fields
  • "Cecilia" by Simon and Garfunkel
  • "Chelsea Dagger" by the Fratellis
  • "Christine" by Siouxsie & the Banshees
  • "Deanna" by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
  • "Delia's Gone" by Johnny Cash
  • "Gloria" by U2
  • "Kelly Watch the Stars" by Air
  • "La La La Lisa" by Math & Physics Club
  • "Luka" by Suzanne Vega
  • "Maggie May" by Rod Stewart
  • "Mandy" by Barry Manilow
  • "Mimi" and "Nora" by the Long Winters
  • "Cracklin' Rosie" by Neil Diamond
  • "Sara" by Fleetwood Mac or &quot
    ;Sara Smile" by Hall & Oates
  • "Jewels for Sophia" by Robyn Hitchcock
  • "Oh Tina" by the Elephants
  • "Velouria" by Pixies

Have I overlooked any good ones? I'm sure I have. Please, if you know of a great song about a girl, name it here!