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According to Sound on the Sound, Seattle lo-fi punk duo the Snakebites have just announced they’re calling it quits, or at least, they’re going to stop playing out in their current formation.

SOTS wrote on September 27th:

Heard of another disheartening beloved Seattle band break-up, from a Snakebites myspace Bulletin this morning:

Our LAST Seattle Show… Oct 5th…

The current line up of The Snakebites is ending.
We will be having our last show in Seattle October 5th.
We hope you can make it! Please mark it on your calendar.

Friday Oct 5th
The Funhouse
Bug Nasties
Love Me Nots
The Snakebites
The Heels

Strangely, I went to the Snakebites MySpace page myself just now, and I see no mention of the impending breakup, or reorg, or what-have-you. So now I don’t know what to think. Have they removed the post? Had a change of heart? Am I losing my mind?

Who’s got the real scoop??