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In case you don't visit the KEXP blog on Friday's, imaginary staffer ChrisB has a column over there where he makes show recommendations and spouts poetic.

Among other things, today's column talks about the closing of the King Cobra and what those folks have put together for tonight.  Here's the scoop:

The final show at The King Cobra, Friday, February 27
Even though they are going out of business, The King Cobra isn’t going quietly. They are putting on one final blowout party and it’s free and the rock is starting early. Eleven bands total are booked, with the first one, Pain Cocktail, going on around 5pm. Without doing too much research, it’s sufficient to say that these bands are going to be loud, fast rock bands, more on the punk and metal side of things. I recommend Blue Ribbon Boys, The Greatest Hits and Neon Nights – all make kick-ass, non-pretentious rock and/or roll. The full roster is:

Neon Nights
All Bets On Death
The Altar Boys
Flexx Bronco
The Pranks
The Valkyries
The Greatest Hits
Hypatia Lake
Blue Ribbon Boys
The Wrecked Chords
Pain Cocktail