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When the question was put forth towards readers as to who they are excited to see, Les Savy Fav is shaping up to be a hit tomorrow night. The band is known for their jam-packed antic-filled shows, particularly on the part of frontman Tim Harrington, meaning they will most likely have cliched "non-dancey" Seattle in a frenzy at Capitol Hill Block Party.

What is not typically mentioned is their aversion to being interviewed, which I foolishly did not think to question before heading into my own with them the last time they were in town at Neumo's with freshly minted labelmates the Dodos all the way back in November. The result was an 18-minute clusterfuck of a haphazard backstage conversation, mainly of them poking fun. I was told they did this with the other Rachel–Ratner that is, of KEXP–prior in the afternoon, which should have been my red warning sign.

They rambled; they repeated my name many a-time; half the band wouldn't sit in for it; they called my boyfriend a beer stealer (for the record: The Dodo's said he could have it); they were generally all around, well–I was like a gold fish in the middle of a circle of cats. To ease the disorderly exchange, igLiz chopped this down to a 4-minute clip, which means a bunch of my questions didn't make the cut (which might be for the best).