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69 Long Songs Tribute Night

This week marks the 10th anniversary of the release of everyone’s favorite weepy, happy, ukulele-infused, wonderful massive concussion of long songs album:  69 Love Songs by the Magnetic Fields. The album set was officially released on September 7, 1999 and the original pressing of 2,500 of the box set sold out within days (per the 69 Love Songs wiki page).

Now, the group has put together a commemoriative re-issue of the set as six 10″ records set to release this week. The full, uber-fan description goes as follows (and yes, I along with the rest of you pre-ordered this in May because we just couldn’t help ourselves):

VINYL FORMAT. Includes a coupon for an mp3 download of all 69 love songs! Limited edition of 3,000 boxes! Remastered vinyl reissue of The Magnetic Fields classic three-album-length rumination on, of course, love. Originally released in 1999, 69 Love Songs, is funny, smart, dark, memorable, and a lifetime’s worth of listening. Stephen Merritt solidifies his songwriting genius on his “most ambitious and fully realized work.” (AMG) This vinyl reissue is beautifully packaged in a 10″ slip case box with three double gatefold sleeves and the original booklet in 10″ size!

And this morning, I got word that 69 Love Songs will be performed in its ENTIRETY at the Sidewalk Cafe in NYC this Wednesday (9/9/09) by a slew of NYC indie bands (thanks Agent Ramona!).

What do you have planned to commemoriate this important anniversary?

I will hunt down as many videos ’round the internet of our 69 Love Songs tribute night and perhaps come up with my own dance routine.

Here’s what I’ve found so far:




Sean Nelson and His Mortal Enemies: