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Who records albums like Beat Happening anymore? Anyone? Or are they just so underground that I won't know about it until about five years from now? It's like trying to find the next Daniel Johnston – you have to be in a certain neighborhood at the right time to catch the crazy guy playing brilliant music and selling it as a self-made cassette.

Beat Happening has that same homemade quality of Johnston (Calvin and Daniel, lost siblings with slightly changed last name … alright maybe a stretch) and helped birth the K Records scene in Olympia (well, I suppose more than help). And gosh, it's just so much fun. "Let's Kiss" is such a plea for unrequited high school love for awkward nerds like we all know we are (admit it). How can you not like Calvin singing We're in love/let's kiss (mawh!) (well, that last part is the noise of Calvin kissing, which is surprisingly hard to transcribe into words but you get the idea). How charming is something like that over hand drums rhythms and the most basic guitar you can imagine. Have we lost this innocence? I mean, people who like "the indie rock" seem to be obsessed with noise and experiments rather than just the simple basics of catchy little pop songs and for that I say "for shame!"

Go back and listen to Beat Happening and be reminded why music is fun. Yes, fun. You remember that word Mr. Hipster, Mr. Noise rock? "Fun" with a capital F. Scary.