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(Bright Eyes-courtesy of artist | Telekinesis-Kyle Johnson / courtesy of Merge Recs)

It’s like NPR and Bright Eyes and Telekinesis got together last night and said, “How can we make Liz’s Monday so amazing she might explode with happiness before 9am? Oh, I know…. Let’s surprise her with an early listen to the two February new releases that she’s been looking forward to for months… on the same day!”

The only thing is, I can’t decide what to listen to first.  Do I alternate listens to one track from each album for the whole day {listening to them at the same time didn’t work out so well} or flip a coin on which entire album to listen to first?

Bright EyesThe People’s Key
The NPR writer said this is the best thing Conor Oberst “has ever been a part of.” Taking a look at my Bright Eyes / Desaparecidos / Monsters of Folk / etc catalog those are strong words. But if anyone is that excited for a new Bright Eyes album, I’ll take it and jump on board. That means that my pre-order of the mega-scary superfan package of the new album (which should arrive sometime at my home in the next week, omg!) will be well worth it.  Go listen!

Telekinesis12 Desperate Straight Lines
Could I be any more proud and in awe of Seattle’s own Michael Benjamin Lerner? The guy writes perceptive and potent songs that pull us in and make us love him even more. The new album is Chris Walla-produced and document the loss, rage and hope Lerner experienced following the release of his first album and tour.  Go listen!

Thank you thank you thank you to all the parties involved for giving the world an early listen to two amazing albums! Go forth and stream freely!