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Spring has sprung, and we're guessing that's not the only thing! Here in the Northwest, as soon as the sun breaks through the gloom then the tulips poke through the earth (and the tattoos poke out of tanktops) to flaunt their wild colors, the randiness in the air becomes nearly palpable.

Good thing we have Love is Hard with Rachel Flotard to help guide you through the whirlwind lovey emotions of springtime. In this weekly column, the sassy and sexy Rachel Flotard of Visqueen answers your most hard-hitting love questions, including…

This week in Love Is Hard, a reader asks: How come no looks really hot to me right now?

Check in every Friday for the latest Love Is Hard…. and why not send Rachel a love advice question yourself? You can reach her at [email protected].

And lookie how cute Rach is in this photo with her Dad (taken from Visqueen's MySpace page)…

Rachel Flotard and Dad