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In case you've been living under an imaginary rock and haven't heard, TIG fave the Magnetic Fields have a new record called Distortion, slated for release in mid-January 2008 — and we couldn't be more thrilled about it!

Hat tip to Aversion for posting the song titles for the forthcoming release. Normally I don't get all in a lather when a band reveals an album title or song titles or album art, but this is Stephin Merritt we're talking about! So my brain is already working on potential rhymes, puns, and clever quips that might accompany the following song titles:

Track listing for Distortion:

California Girls
Old Fools
Xavier Says
Mr Mistletoe
Please Stop Dancing
Drive On, Driver
Too Drunk To Dream
Till The Bitter End
I'll Dream Alone
The Nun's Litany
Zombie Boy

Special imaginary bonus points to anyone who posts potential lyrics in the comments below!