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If you’re headed to Chop Suey tonight to see stellastarr*, you may want to get there kind of early (doors are at 7) to catch the first band, Mason Proper.

Mason Proper, who call themselves on their website “major producer of textiles in the north american territory” are actually an indie rock band from Michigan. They have an earnest, straight-forwardness to their jangly guitar-rock sound. I’ve so far been enjoying the songs I’ve heard on their MySpace page. Still, their cover/mashup of Kanye West’s “Love Lockdown” and LCD Soundsystem’s “Get Innocuous” takes some bigger risks and has a bigger payoff.

The band has offered a remix EP available for download, which can be obtained here. If you’re up early, you can also catch Mason Proper at 8am on “John in the Morning” on KEXP (90.3 FM or, as you all surely know) and, of course, about twelve hours after that at Chop Suey with stellastarr* and Wild Light.

Here’s the video to their Death Cab-ish single “Lock and Key”: