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I spent the better part of my weekend wracking my brain to write my Music for America column this week, which focuses on Michael and Terri Schiavo; specifically, I make use of my long-dormant speech pathology masters degree to explain a little somethin' somethin' about cognitive and swallowing difficulties following traumatic brain injury. I called the article The Right to Die.

The article addresses the hypocrisy of our cursed Republican leaders du jour, who supposedly advocate for small government and the so-called "sanctity of marriage," but who have trounced Congress into the marriage of Terri and Michael Schiavo to appease their Christian Conservative voterbase. "Prayerfully optimistic," my ass. No one should be making difficult end-of-life decisions for Terri Schiavo but her next of kin, her power of attorney, the person she chose to foresake all others for when they said "I do" back in 1984: her husband. This weekend's shenanigans in Washington speak volumes to what personal freedoms our current leaders will wallop in order to serve their agendas, and I find it terrifying, infuriating, and very, very dangerous.

I don't want the government invading my deathbed and making decisions for me, or my family. Do you?

I invite you to read the article, and to share it with others as you see fit. One of the most dangerous elements to this issue is that the media has been taking such a soft stand on defending personal freedoms. All I've heard is self-righteous Republicans, right-to-life protestors, and of course, Terri's mother pleading to leaders to "save her little girl," with little to no input from her husband, or those defending his right to act as her husband.

OK, I've ranted enough. Now go read the entire article and post your comments on the Music for America website.


{This article originally appeared in igDana's weekly Music for America column "A Rush and a Push." Check out the column and feel free to comment on their message boards here.}