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This Wednesday night October 8th, Mike Leigh — the great UK director and writer who brought us both the boldest statement on cinematic post-modernism with "Naked" (check out the Criterion collection version, it's insanely compelling) as well as works like "Secrets And Lies," which warmed up your heart to pure gush — comes to show off his latest slice-of-life, "Happy-Go-Lucky" at SIFF Cinema.

Leigh's been able to make some of the best politically-themed movies ("Vera Drake" for example) by doing them simply, but with an epicurean sense of life's hard hilarity and easily-earned tragedies.

SIFF is bringing the five-time Oscar-nominated auteur to attend its Wednesday, 8 PM showing of the controversial London-based "Happy-Go-Lucky," which is subversively lighter in tone (but will probably end up on many critics' best of lists no matter how much they're missing its subtle clues from the early reviews).