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2010-02-28: A Hootenanny For Haiti @ Showbox At The Market, Seattle, WA

{Photo from A Hootenanny for Haiti night at the Showbox by Jason Tang from the TIG Flickr Photo Pool}

Oh lordy, it’s already March! How did you spend the last weekend of February? With Damien Jurado and The Robinsons at the Sunset on Friday night? How did you decide which worthy benefit to go to on Sunday night… the Vic Chesnutt night at the Tractor with Ian Moore and friends? Or the Haiti benefit with Kim Warnick and Star Anna and the host of other celebs? Or did you take ChrisB’s advice and head to Chop Suey for the Free Energy show?

Let’s consider it training for next weekend! My calendar is already jam-packed with Friday night’s SXSW Send-off Hootenanny and The Hollow Earth Magma Festival kicks into high gear. Not to mention there’s a book reading celebration for the second publishing of Ariel Meadow Stalling’s Offbeat Bride (for those of us  DIY addicts) at Elliott Bay Books in Pioneer Square on Saturday that is going to be hilariously wonderful.

So… what did you do this weekend? And what are you looking forward to in order to kick this month off right?