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the whore moans @ the crocodile 8.7.09

What a weekend of great music! There were multiple FREE KEXP events this weekend, shows all around town and the weather was nice and cool so we could wear our black t-shirts without frying.

Photographer Amelia Gydé caught the Redwood Plan’s album release show at The Crocodile on Friday night. With a bill including Seaweed, The Redwood Plan and The Whore Moans, I’m guessing this picture (of The Whore Moans) caught one of the tamer moments of the evening?

I know some imaginary folks were at the Nightgowns / BOAT show at the Sunset on Friday… how was that? Photos please!

And then there were all the other things going around town… like free Dinosaur Jr.!

Grab your coffee and let’s catch up!

(For more photos from the weekend, check out the imaginary photo Flickr pool – and add your own!)