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Rocky Votolato [by Robin Laananen]

{Photo courtesy of Robin Laananen, redhedpictures}

When it comes to Rocky Votolato, Spin Magazine puts it best: “Votolato possesses the kind of voice that never-been-kissed teenage girls imagine their crushes might have in a perfect universe.” With a review like that, you could be a serial killer and still sell out your next five gigs.

Just kidding. Lucky for us, Votolato is not only felony-free, he’s bringing some goodwill (and those sweet vocal chords) to the Triple Door next Saturday night for a show to benefit The International Fund for Animal Welfare, with the Terrordactyls. All proceeds will go straight to benefit the cause.

If you need more persuasion, maybe this little ditty will help:


Gorgeous! We’ll see you at the show, in-between swoons…