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…Is Township. I can't stop singing their praises. Sure the music sounds good when you listen to the recorded version, but the live show is unfreakinbelievable. I've seen them live several times, including last night when they shocked and awed the crowd with an absolutely epic performance in the annual WBCN Rock and Roll Rumble (more on that later). I wish I could bring the whole Imaginary world out to see them next week for their semifinals set (cause OF COURSE they won the preliminary round last night). Incidentally, they're playing at Piano's in NYC tonight, if anybody happens to be tuning in from there (quick, someone tell Joseph Riippi to cancel his plans for tonight and git over to Piano's!)

Recommended if you like your rock 'n' roll good and strong like it ought to be. They kick it classic '70s rock style. I myself am not even typically a huge fan of classic rock, but I'm telling you imaginary people, they are the most exhilirating and rocking live band I've seen in ages, so catch them just as soon as they come to your town because it won't be long until they're opening the Stones' next tour.