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One thing I'm really happy about this week is that not only is it the annual EMP Pop Con from Thursday night to Sunday afternoon, but there are shows after each of the days worth seeing (and bringing out of town friends to).

In the case of Motorik, one of my favorite local bands based on their spartan, sinewy Killing Joke-infused bat-cave blitzkrieg bop nine track debut "Klang!" I will get to see them live for the first time AND at the Funhouse just across the street from the opening night commencement at the Pop Con.

I have been doing errands around town and writing to the dark vocals and disturbingly precise bass playing of Sio, the post-human drum pounding of Mr. Gero, and the Wire-loving guitar mesh of Mr. Garver for months, wishing I had been the one to write the review here.

But that critique sleekly captured the fine essence of this contemporaneous-retro sounding band enough, even if I wanted to be the one to claim CD-closer "Six Filters" the best damned Siouxsie song recorded since 1980. Much love to Seattle demigod Jack Endino for recording that track, and the one-two punch opening songs "Or So I Thought" and "Box Of Knives" as well. That's how to put your album together, kids.

It's also how to book your show, right near where I'll be taking people for drinks after the first night of the Con. Bravo to a creative young band with such ingenuity! (Show also features Minneapolis' International Espionage, and starts at 9 PM).