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As many sites and record labels can attest, there usually isn't much money in indie-rock. But, whether it is scraping together some pennies (or hopefully Benjamins) with a benefit event or just getting the message out, when we band together, big things can happen.  

Jack Dolgen (Maricopa, Sam Champion) had a song and an idea: use his track to raise money for Barack Obama. The first song to be released from that recording project is, "Daytime," a song about bridging divides and coming together.

As Jack and designer Andrew Ackermann tossed the concept around to their friends, the idea grew into an organization called I Wrote You a Song: trading art for political action with a snazzy URL

The site is an ever-expanding archive of free, exclusive mp3s, each with its own individual art. Also, we should keep checking back as the site grows with daily contributions from artists like Maricopa, Jens Lekman, Sam Champion, Antibalis, Via Audio, Northern State, Frank Bango, Sono Oto, Bryan Scary & The Shredding Tears, and The Jealous Girlfriends. The effort is ongoing and will continue to review and post contributions from artists till Election Day.

I'm personally counting down to the Jens and Northern State MP3s (and election day).