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A new wonderful place for caffeine, treats, and free wi-fi (three of my favorite things) has just opened in my happy little 'hood: Miro Tea!

I have long envied my cohorts still on Capitol Hill for the amazing Remedy Tea, and frequently made the trek over to partake of the place, even braving the lately trecherously traffic-filled Denny to make it so. But now that Miro is here, my walkable hood feels a bit more perfect! (note: an all-ages venue, a dance club, and a roller skating rink and Ballard would be non-more-perfect!).

Miro has approximately a zillion loose leaf teas ready for the steeping, and they serve 'em up on a nice little candle votive to stay warm. Last time I had a Pomegranate black tea, and this time, I'm partaking in a little Vanilla one (both organic). They also have a slew of smoothies and iced teas and a full menu of crepes — NUM!

And make sure you note the humorously named "Modest Mao" tea midway through the bottom row, below:

Miro tea. Modest Mao.

Something tells me I might come here often, so if you see a knocked-up imaginary girl frantically typing away in the corner, hepped up on caffeine, make sure to say hi.