Three Imaginary Girls

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Hemingway made those words famous years ago when he penned them as a six-word story. Now Bumbershoot wants you to emulate the king of brevity with a special contest called Bumbershoot's Hemingway Challenge.

Think you can tell an epic tale in six simple words? Now would be a good time to strut your stuff, as the winner of the competition will receive a pair of Gold VIP Passes to all three days of Bumbershoot 2007, among other Bumbershoot prizes.

Here's the official scoop: 

What kind of narrative can you produce in just six simple words? Try your hand at the Hemingway Challenge and share your story with the world (or at least everyone on myspace). All you have to do: write your novel in exactly six words, post it on our Myspace page as a comment, and register it (we need to be able to contact you if you win!) That's it!

You have till Aug 17th. It's not much time, but then — those aren't many words. I'd love to see someone work "Imaginary" into a winning story!