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As I said in the comments on another post a few hours ago, I didn't become much of a fan of Michael Jackson until a few years ago, as I became more and more of a poptimist. He left an amazing legacy of music behind that is impossible to deny.

As I was coming back from a break at work, I tried to get caught up with my other favorite music website, Idolator, when I read a compilation from music critics about Jackson. This paragraph, written by Rich Juzwiak (who runs the amazing blog Four Four) is expresses such a beautiful idea so simply and eloquently that I had to post it here, after fighting back a few tears.

I think for everyone who's upset about Michael's death for whatever reason — guilt, regret, a general sense of loss, disappointment that he'll never get the chance to come back and prove us doubters wrong — can take solace in the resilience of his work. If all the shit that he went through couldn't knock Thriller, Off the Wall, Bad and, to whatever degree, Dangerous and HIStory out of our hearts, minds and asses, a little thing like death isn't going to, either. Even when the groove is dead and gone, you know that love survives. 

You can read the rest of Rich's finely-written obituary here.