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News from the social networking land of message spam galore… apparently, MySpace will soon be adding digital music service to its slew of features (and spams).

According to Aversion:

Rupert Murdoch's ready to add a music download service to his evil empire.

Murdoch's News Corp — i.e. Fox — is ready to add music distribution to MySpace's burgeoning list of capabilities, according to The plan, which has yet to find backing with any major labels, would use the ridiculously popular social networking site as a hub to distribute digital music. The site's business plan so far calls for downloads to be DRM-free and supported by advertising. Because, apparently, those "shoot the ducks and win!" banners all over MySpace are raking in the dough.

I still say MySpace has jumped the shark (judging by the number of our contacts who have literally made the jump to Facebook). But then, Facebook doesn't let bands share music like MySpace does.

What say all of you? What are your social networking sites of choice (and would you pay to download tunes from MySpace)??