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I almost hate to blog this, as I want to be able to go to this thing without it being stuffed way beyond capacity, but I cannot help but remind anyone who's heard about it and tip off those who hadn't yet:
Once upon a time I loved a band called the Western States, and they changed their name to Battle Hymns, and I haven't seen them since then! So a 4 PM Sunday matinee show at the Sunset would be great just for that. BUT I just got a missive from Cameron of Battle Hymns letting me know a little something-something SECRET as well:

"Well, we're obviously not the secret part of this show, as that would make us the worst secret keepers ever. But we can say that besides our band and J. Tillman performing, we will also be joined by a very mysteriously secret headliner! Now our large footed friends won't let us tell you who this secret headliner is, but i can say with absolute certainty that if you live anywhere near the Seattle area that you won't want to miss out. It's gonna be good!   
This much we CAN say:
SUNSET TAVERN:  Sunday 05/18 EARLY MATINEE -  4pm: PBR and Entertainment Facilitator presents SUNDAY BLOODY SUNSET!  with:    SPECIAL MYSTERY HEADLINER, Battle Hymns, J. Tillman + film, comedy and variety, $3 Bloody Marys + Mimosas! $2 PBRs! Hosted by Johnny Skolfuk - Show cost:  $5.   21+


And so I am. It's going to be as exciting as those old Velvet Elvis Sunday afternoons for me, except I'm going to be drinking Bloody Marys! Woot!