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New Idlewild songs and a tour (that doesn't come near the US)

Hooray! It looks like Idlewild will be hitting the stage once again. Unfortunately, they wont be stepping foot in the US… there's not even the one-off NYC Bowery show that we can live vicariously through (assuming we can talk some of our NYC friends to go and drool in our absence).

But, to tide us over until the US release of their latest album Make Another World on April 3 (it released in the UK on March 5th), enjoy some free mp3s and a rundown of their UK shows for your Roddy-loving consumption at the Harmony In My Ears blog.

So far it sounds like they are straying away from the softer road they were taking on the last album and moving back towards their "Rosability" roots. I, for one, am rejoicing (even though Seattle isn't on their hi-pri tour schedule).

Take that, Outkast!

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