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The Smokey Brights. Photo by Brady Harvey

We here at “Imaginary Headquarters” are counting down and gearing up for the big day – New Wave Night at Chop Suey on June 17, 2018. {PLEASE COME! DETAILS HERE!!!}.

The TIG Backing Band will take the stage as a brilliant line-up of Seattle’s most notable and killer rockers join them to sing a couple of their favorite New Wave covers.We are so honored to have Ryan and Kim of the Smokey Brights to be among them. It’s going to be a surprise as to what songs they will choose to perform for us – but it will not be surprising when they make even the most wall-flower-ish of us do the Sprinkler.

If you’ve ever seen a Smokey Brights’ show (or read about one – like here or here), they use their blend of rock n’ roll + psychedelic 70’s space jams to turn each set into a FEEL-GOOD LOVE FEST. Each Smokey Brights show is a party and everyone is invited. They’ve even inspired perfect strangers to hold hands!

We have a lot of favorites when it comes to the Smokey Brights catalog, but might we suggest you dive deep into their catalog on Spotify and these choice cuts:

After Ryan & Kim wow us New Wave styleeee at Chop Suey on June 17 – Smokey Brights have a full summer show schedule to attend to. You can see them:

Want to join in the New Wave fun with us? Please make sure to:

New Wave Night - 2018! Three Imaginary Girls' party celebrating 16 years as Seattle's indie-pop press. Join us June 17, 2018 at Chop Suey!!!

Top photo: Brady Harvey