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Happy Tuesday, imaginaries! Here's some early morning slap-in-the-face mod-punk jams from our pals in Wimps by way of their newest video, for "Hello Frustration." This track showcases everything we love about this band, best described by piggybacking on the heels of Chris Estey's most recent summer jams post about another A+ Wimps track, "Grump":

And here we end up back in the surf again, but it's the nasty end-of-night surf, after a day thrift shopping with B-52s, screaming along with X-Ray Spex in the trashed Cadillac you stole with your pals to cruise out to the beach, running into Geza X on some sound-waves. Cranky on crank and cranked up really high all at the same cesspool-swimming time, past cheeseburgers and bad routines and festering habits and the oozing complaint file ("it's all downhill from here"). Thank damaged goods for crunchy two-note riffs piled into a foot-stomping chorus: "You may be sick of me but don't be such a grump!" As Kierkegaard said about repetitions, this way brain-shattered bliss lies if that's your nitrous gas-bag.

On the odd chance you're not hooked on Wimps already, here's another glimpse of what got us on the junk in the first place back in March:

There is a full-blown Wimps tour happening at this very moment, with dates out east {they're playing tonight in Philadelphia!} and a hometown date in October. Click here for more details, to join the mailing list, and to absorb all things Wimps. Bam!